As a vegetarian intending to walk the Camino Frances in 2016 I found it difficult to find information specific to vegetarians on The Way of St James. So I decided to create this site to share my experiences in the hope other vegetarians will find it useful. Since then my wife and I have completed our second Camino and are happy to report it’s getting easier for vegetarians to eat while walking the Camino.

My intention for this site is to show how to eat a healthy, whole food vegetarian or vegan diet while walking the Camino. Cooking our own meals or eating at vegetarian albergues or restaurants. Letting you know what is generally available to be a self sufficient veggie on the Camino de Santiago – here is my list of veggie places to eat on the Camino!

My wife and I live in Sydney, Australia and we walked the Camino Frances from September to October 2016 and again from Brittany in France to Fisterra in Spain in 2019.

Check out our YouTube playlists of our walk through France and Spain in 2019!

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  1. john abbott says:

    Really enjoyed your talk at Mt Vic. Looked for you after as I wanted to ask about the blue blister preventing things you mentioned. [ If you could let me know the name thanks.] Coincidence but my wife & I were saying just last night let’s think about becoming vegetarians. Thanks again for an inspiring talk. John Abbott


  2. Virginia Lea says:

    Thanks for writing this blog. What a great resource. I’m a vegetarian (from Sydney too) and will be walking the Camino Frances in September and October 2017 so your blog is of much interest to me. You can be sure no post will go unread.
    Best wishes


  3. Nikki says:

    Fantastic blog. Thank you. I am vegan and will be walking the Camino from 1 September into October this year (2017) – same time of year as you last year. I am also from Sydney.


    • kindergood says:

      Great your doing it as a vegan Nikki! Take some oats or other light to carry breakfast. Mostly it was cheese bocadillo or croissant at a cafe for veggie breakfast so as a vegan you’ll need to make your own. Mostly fresh bread is available too. Have a great Camino!


  4. Sue Tabbitt says:

    Hi there. I have wanted to walk the Camino for some time now, and this coming year might be my first chance (teens sufficiently independent so I can travel without them). I am a vegan, but also I want to travel with a group ideally, rather than completely fend for myself – especially as I can probably only go for 10-12 days’ max this time. Do you happen to know of any groups that walk the Camino with a vegan-friendly bias? I am 50, and would love to be with a mixed group of like-minded individuals. For me, walking the Camino, and travel in general, is about connecting with people as much as the location and experience. Thanks for any tips! Sue (in Wales, UK)


  5. Tim Shepherd says:

    I completely missed the reference to your blog! I’ve watched the series of YouTube videos a few times, great details, love them. I have found your details on vegetarian food etc helpful too.
    Is it possible for you to share the route you took in France or where it is available as I am nearing that section when I can restart my camino from home, I’ve done 255 miles through the UK and have a few days to get to Plymouth when I can restart


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