Cooking with gas

My goal is to be self sufficient when it comes to preparing food on the Camino.

Many albergues have kitchens (see useful stuff) but I’ve read that they are not always well equipped and like many vegetarians I prefer to cook with utensils that have not been used for cooking meat.

So I am taking my own kitchen.



MSR Pocket Rocket with fuel canister next to a mug for scale.

I bought a MSR Pocket Rocket which is 85 grams and with a full 100 gram isobutane fuel canister the total weight to carry is 275 grams.

Of course we are not allowed to fly with fuel canisters so fuel will need to be purchased in St Jean Pied de Port and along the way as needed. I have yet to find out how often that will be and where fuel can be purchased but I’ll let you know.

For the weight of a couple of t-shirts I’m happy to carry my own stove!

Pots and bowls

Pots and bowlsI am packing pots that can cook for two. I started off with buying the Pinnacle Dualist set of 1.8L pot (295 grams with lid), two bowls / two insulated mugs with sip through lids (125 grams a pair, 250 grams total) and two Foons – fork/spoon which are so light they don’t even register on my scales (<5 grams). That’s about 550 grams total.

This is a nice compact solution as everything fits into the pot and the pot handle locks the lid and it’s contents in place.

However, I also wanted to be able to steam vegetables as this my favorite way to eat a lot of my diet, it’s very healthy, it’s quick and easy. I looked at different steamers and nothing seemed to work with the Pinnacle pot so I jumped on-line and ordered a stainless steel pot and steamer tray from Korea on ebay.

Steamer potIt weighs 440 grams, is also 1.8L and has a deep lid so the steamer chamber in the pot is a decent size.

It has hinged handles that fold along the edge of the pot and lid and came with a bag that it neatly packs into. It also came with stainless steel bowls but these are too heavy and the Pinnacle bowls are better suited.

If you are looking for something similar then search ebay for “Stainless Steel Camping Nesting Cookware Set Pot Pan Bowls Plates Steamer Insert

I’m still deciding whether to take both pots or just the steamer.

Update Aug 2016: I’ve decided – A bigger and lighter pot

Can opener, corkscrew, bottle opener and knife

Swiss army knifeYes, it’s a Swiss army knife! I’ll need to check-in my bag when I fly.

It is called the Picknicker and weighs 80 grams and I’m sure it is going to be very useful.

BYO Hygiene

Chopping boardAt the local outdoor store I also picked up a lightweight chopping board made from plastic. It is less than a millimeter thick and is flexible so can be rolled up. It weighs next to nothing.

It is a lot more hygienic to prepare your meal on your own cutting surface if you have to use a non vegetarian kitchen.

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