Slip, slop, slap

In Australia everyone knows about protecting yourself from too much sun – slip on a long sleeve top, slop on sun screen and slap on a hat.

It’s not so obvious if you come from a not so sunny country. Take a hat and sunscreen mate! There is likely to be several hours a day of walking in the sunshine so protect your noggin.

Walking throughout the summer in Sydney I settled on a Tilley hat.

Tilley hat

Super stringI never thought I’d rave on about a hat but I find myself doing it regularly walking with my Tilley.

It can be folded up in my bag and springs back into shape, it has great ventitaltion and I can sweat like an otter and it doesn’t end up soaking wet. On top of that it has an ingenious string that keeps the hat on your head in gusty wind.

It weighs 95 grams and even has a pocket in it!

My wife has been using a Marmot baseball cap (60 grams) but is still thinking about a wider brimmed hat.

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