Poles apart

I hadn’t ever considered using walking poles until I started reading posts from people who had done the Camino and raved about them. Anything that can help spread the load as I walk and take pressure off my knees, especially over a 800+ km walk has got to be worth considering.

This is a good article on why you should use walking poles to hike. For me the reasons are to be kind to my knees and back, and to have something to help balance in slippery or rocky terrain.

There is a great video in this article from Rei on using poles. I also learnt about how to use poles from the kind folks at my local Camino de Santiago support group.

I may not want to use them all of the time so I decided on a light pair of poles from Black Diamond. The Carbon Distance Z poles are at the pricey end but I’ve been buying gear long in advance to spread the cost over time.

If you decide to get walking poles then getting the right height is important. Take a look at this walking pole size chart from Black Diamond

Walking pole size chart

I found walking poles took a little getting used to but soon became strangely comforting and my poles have definitely helped me up some steep paths I don’t think I would have made without them.

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