Walking in the 21st Century

My smartphone and my Kindle are coming with me.

Whether it’s taking pictures, shooting video of great vegetarian cooking or lovely scenery, counting my steps and distance travelled for the day, practicing my Spanish, staying in touch with my family and friends or just posting on this blog, my iPhone is the 21st century electronic equivalent of a swiss army knife. I’ve got a waterproof pouch to put it in and a four port USB charger to keep it working. I figure additional USB ports are like cork screws, always useful to share.

I also have a waterproof pouch for my Kindle which comes in at 250 grams when the Kindle is in it. No matter how many books I load on the Kindle it doesn’t get any heavier. You can also copy pdf scans of your passport, flight details, any hotel bookings etc. onto the Kindle so it’s a handy device.

Useful Apps

I’m on the Apple ecosystem but these apps are available on Android as well.

Google Translate

It is possible to download the Spanish language pack in Google Translate so it works even when there is no internet connection.


Duolingo is a free app that can help get you started in Spanish (and many other languages).


Rome2Rio can help find different ways to get between places so if you need to get somewhere after the Camino or if you have an unplanned detour it could be useful.


As a child of the 60’s a selfie stick is rather foreign to me but there are some great videos on YouTube made with them so if you want to take one I would suggest keeping the weight down by using a StickPic – http://www.thestickpic.com/ – on the end of your walking pole.

Camera lenses

A light weight “alternative” to an SLR are clip on lenses for your smartphone like Olloclip. It’s not the same as having a telephoto lens but it will save a kilo!

Running out of space

If your Android smartphone has a microSD card slot you can expand your storage easy, otherwise for Apple there is the Leef iBridge to expand your storage, be prepared to be fleeced though! There is also the more reasonably priced Sandisk iXpand.

Running out of juice

If your phone battery has trouble making it through the day then you might want to consider an external battery for recharging on the go, for example a Lepow Poki! Be aware that these batteries cannot be packed in checked-in luggage, only in carry on bags.


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