T minus 3

We get up early, before light begins.

We say goodbye to our nephew who is looking after our home and having just arrived in Australia is now on his own journey.

The taxi driver to the airport takes “the if way”, as they say in Sweden (the long way round). But I don’t really mind because nothing can put a dent in the excitement I feel.

We get our rucksacks wrapped in cling film and breeze up to the bag drop, get our boarding passes, go through security and get some breakfast. The vegemite tastes good. 

Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah. It was like I had a bluebird on my shoulder!

The flight to Hong Kong takes nine hours. For the first four hours we are flying across Australia. It’s big.

A rainbow halo shines around the aircraft’s shadow on the clouds.

Landing in Hong Kong where it’s 34 degrees an air-conned trip to the hotel, a shower and a change of clothes feels good. We only have one change of clothes for the time we are away, so like many people across Asia and no doubt the rest of the world I clean my clothes when I clean myself. My lifestyle is changing.

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