St. Jean Pied De Port for Vegetarians

Eating out

My French isn’t great but from what I could work out there’s nothing vegan on any menu we saw on display in St Jean Pied De Port. You’ll need to ask to find out what they can offer.

We were not as lucky as these two vegans at Ttipia – on our visit the only vegan and vegetarian option was salad and the “vegetable” soup had duck stock in it! So we went across the road to Chez Edouard – this had vegetarian pizza on the menu. It wasn’t good, I’d advise giving this place a miss. My diet makes me feel great but eating here didn’t.

At Restaurant Ramuntcho the only vegetarian option on the menu was warm goats cheese salad. The chef steamed vegetables to go with it for a very nutritious and tasty meal. 

We only explored a few of the many restaurants while we were here.

Eating in

If you don’t arrive on a Sunday you can shop at Carrefour (supermarket chain). Even if you don’t have access to a kitchen there’s plenty to choose from here.

Spices in handy containers

Soy milk – also sold in 20cl containers

Plant protien

Carrefour is on Rue du 11 Novembre. Tourist information will give you a map and point it out.

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