Day Four

Something is torn with each step
Eyes of a kind soul give solace
Soul moves, body rests

– Kindergood


The last three days of walking have taken a toll. Fi is from Far North Queensland where it’s not on to mention any personal discomfort or pain but the swelling and discolouration of her calf sort of blurt it out that she has medial tibial stress syndrome – that’s a repetitive strain injury. 

My injury isn’t as good as Fi’s but I’m still happy to let Fi know about it. Fi says I have a cute peroneal tendonitis but I think it’s sore not cute. Fi’s is from a previous injury so she had a head start!

Luckily we’re in Pamplona so we sought out the closest Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and struck gold. If everything happens for a reason then our injuries happened so we could meet Dr Castro.

We had accupuncture and arnica injections. Fi also had laser treatment to reduce inflammation and a prescription for anti-inflammatories. After our treatments we were both walking much better, maybe because our souls had been lifted by the kind eyes of Dr Castro.

We will rest with our legs up today and see how we are tomorrow.

FYI – if you are in need while in Pamplona:

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2 Responses to Day Four

  1. Michelle says:

    What a delight to read your blog and follow you on the trail. Take care of those precious legs and feet!


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