Day Six

The path always lies ahead
Footsteps tick tock
The journey unfolds in the moment

– Kindergood

Puente La Reina to Estella

It had been a hot night and it was going to be another hot day. There were extreme weather warnings posted so we started well before sparrow fart to get a headstart on the heat.

We left the albergue at 5.40am under a blanket of stars. It was romantic walking with Fi by the light of my head torch. Along the river and then out into the countryside.

As the dawn began to break we had already made it to the next village, Mañeru, which was perched on a hill. Full of character and very well kept.

It was so hot yesterday neither of us had any appetite for dinner so by sunrise our stomachs were grumbling. We found a nice spot with a great view and finished off the trail mix and shared an apple.

By mid morning we found a cafe in Lorca that was open on a Sunday and had some breakfast that fuelled the walk through Villatuerta and our destination, Estella.

We walked on Roman roads and bridges, were struck by the neatness of the villages and drank the best cool spring water as the temperature soared again.

We reached Estella by 12.30 and were happy to escape the heat and put our feet up in a very nice albergue with our own room and ensuite.

Today we walked over 22km, enjoyed the countryside and each other’s company.

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