Day Seven

Legs move, heart rests
Tranquil in motion
The river flows

– Kindergood

Estella to Torres del Río

The heatwave we have been walking through has got a lot of people up early to catch the cool pre-dawn air.

As we left Estella we passed the wine fountain which supplies pilgrims with free wine! 6.30am was a bit early for me though.

The cool helped make quick work of the villages up to Villamayor de Monjardín where we stopped for breakfast. It was another wonderful morning.

We have met the nicest people while walking. A lot of incredibly friendly and open souls sharing this experience.

Walking everyday in this atmosphere of friendship and through this countryside is certainly conducive to a good state of mind. It is a meditation. I watched a group of eagles banking in a circle above our heads. We can’t see the thermal but the eagles feel it. The sense of peace brought on by this walking meditation raises me above the aches and pains.

We had to cover the longest distance between villages so far with Villamayor de Monjardín and Los Arcos being 13km apart. We found a van selling freshly squeezed orange juice and one water tap during this section. 

The refreshments trailer in the middle of nowhere

The water from the springs along the way tastes fantastic. Better than any bottled water.

We reached Los Arcos earlier than expected so after some refreshments carried on to Torres del Río, another 8km away. It was starting to get hot but we both enjoyed the walk with a tranquil frame of mind.

Today we surprised ourselves by walking over 30km.

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