Day Nine

Nature smiles
Heart opens
Light shines

– Kindergood

Logroño to Ventosa

Fatigue had definitely set it when the alarm went off this morning. The night had been so hot Fi hardly got any sleep. Even I woke up thirsty and I can sleep for England. 

Walking the streets of Logroño, through an industrial area wasn’t too inspiring. On the plus side we did pick up a few supplies at a servo. Then the sun began to rise and things picked up. The path took us through a park with a lake full of carp, ducks and swans. Fi was delighted at seeing squirrels. She has such a great love for nature. 

The mountains that had been escorting us yesterday seemed to be getting closer and we had some expansive views as we made our way to Navarrete. 

We were sharing the path with a lot of people this morning. I guess it would be the combination of the oppressive heat wave getting folks up early and people joining the way in the cities we had passed through.

We happened upon a farmers market in Navarrete and bought two bananas, nectarines, carrots, a lemon and a lettuce for 2.15 euros! 

I had the inclination to visit the church as we passed. Inside gregorian chants echoed and made a very peaceful atmosphere. The Jesus prayer spontaneously arose in my mind and opened the gates of my heart. I lit a candle to prolong my prayer and then, as we are living in the digital age, I took a photograph of the candle so it can continue to burn in cyberspace…

This guy was taking his dog for a very long walk. The dog was loving it!

At breakfast in Navarrete we met a charming Irishman who was walking for a week with his family. He reminded us that day to day life is rushed so don’t rush the Camino. We certainly took his words to heart as it took us two and a half hours to walk the next 4km to Ventosa. We stopped to smell the rosemary.

Today we walked 18km. Fi thinks that’s a short day. I have my work cut out getting her to rest her leg!

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