Day Thirteen 

Agés to Burgos

We had a magical morning walking from Agés to Villafríe. We took the scenic route and once we got to the summit of Cruz de Matagrande we could see Burgos in the distance. 

Feeling the spirit of nature flow though me it was easy to let time slip away admiring the web of life around us.

Once we got to the outskirts of Burgos we walked past the airport and then through an industrial zone and finally the pavements of Burgos. The last 7km were hot and hard and Fi wouldn’t speak so I knew she was in pain. She wouldn’t let me carry her bag but at least we took frequent breaks to rest her leg. Finally we got to the old part of the city and checked into a hotel so Fi could put her leg up and rest. 

We have met many people with injuries. Even checking in to the hotel a lady from Canada with bandaged feet told us with tears in her eyes how she would have to stop her Camino. Our hearts went out to her. 

We will stay an extra day in Burgos so Fi can get some treatment and see how it goes from there. With rest we’re both optimistic we can continue.

Today we covered about 25km and so far the total is around 300km.

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4 Responses to Day Thirteen 

  1. blaster668 says:

    Beeautiful. Great pictures and you looked relaxed. Hope you can sort the leg out Fi. They say the Pilgrim must suffer but you don’t have to take that literally. Remember Jacotrans etc for the bag if that can help – or Markotrans of course. Be with you soon. Leaving home in about 1 hour to walk to the station – it starts. Best. Tony


  2. Great photos and updates Fiona! I forgot to mention that my dad is waking roughly the same time as you. He looks kinda like me but older and will be commonly be seen being finicky about coffee and talking a lot about history… – Marcus


    • kindergood says:

      I’ll keep an eye out for him -we’ve meet only a few Aussies but have been told there’s many on the trek. What’s your dad’s name & do you know what town he’s passed through lately?


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