Day Fifteen

The Meseta gives a thunderous call
Heart answers with delight 
The journey begins again

– Kindergood

Burgos to Hontanas

Today we set foot on the Meseta, 232 km of treeless plain and big skies. Considered by some to be boring and dreaded by others the central high plateau between Burgos and León holds a certain appeal for me. I have driven across Australia and to the middle of the Sahara Desert and moving over a vast open space for days on end holds an awe and expansive beauty that I look forward to.

Making our way out of Burgos before sunrise we were treated to a light show as the distant clouds lit up with lightening and thunder rolled across the sky. Just as we got our rain gear on the heavens opened with sheets of water.

As we left the outskirts of Burgos the thunderstorm had passed and the sun came up.

In Tardajos, 11km from Burgos, we had breakfast. Fi was feeling good, so that made two of us. We made a quick stop in Rabé for a coffee and the barkeep gave both of us a talisman for our journey, it was a very touching gesture.

We continued on to Hornillos del Camino which looks like a lovely place to stay and even had an Albergue that had a vegetarian menu. However today there was no stopping Fi so we walked a further 10km to Hontanas.

About 3km from our destination a strong cold gust of wind blew a wall of dirt across the plain. We put on our wet weather gear and within minutes we were being stung by horizontal rain. Walking against this strong wind all the way to Hontanas.

We have just started on the Meseta and already it has a very different feel to the previous parts of the way. The villages have been set in valleys so you don’t see them until you arrive at them. The exposure to the elements feels more extreme here. The openness has a certain expansive quality to it that I enjoy.

I’m looking forward to the days ahead.


Today we walked 32km. Only the rain stopping Fi walking more.

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  1. Günter says:

    I remember that day very well, I come to the kitchen where you offered me to a glas of wine

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