Day Sixteen

Body is small
Soul is infinite
Who moves into the expanse?

Hontanas to Frómista

It was a cool start under the stars. As the dawn broke we passed under the ruin arch of St Anton’s church (patron saint of animals). Chants wafted across the still morning air and we discovered a cafe in an old barn next to the ruin. They only served coffee but we were grateful for anything hot. The ever hopeful cafe owners dog sat beside us watching the biscuit next to the coffee cup.


Stopping for a bite at Castrojeriz before walking through this beautiful village on a hill. We were surprised to be called by name as Mark aka “Marcus’ Dad” introduced himself to us – the father of Fi’s colleague back in Sydney! 

Castrojeriz was a real delight but as we left it behind we saw the path wind up the long hillside with a 12% roadsign at the start of this ascent. We made short work of it, only stopping to enjoy the views.

The 18% descent on the other side had views all the way to the horizon.

The bridge at Itero was the start of a long flat walk to Boadilla where Fi persuaded me to carry on to Frómista, another 6km along a deep flowing canal. 

A long day’s walk finished with us meeting Mark again. An enjoyable but tiring day in which we covered 38km.

We both find the energy of the Meseta uplifting.

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