When we registered to do the Camino in St Jean Pied De Port, France, we received our Camino passport. This allows us to stay in Albergues along the way. Each place we stay stamps our Camino passport to show where and when we stayed on our journey. Now we are half way to Santiago my passport looks likes this…

An Albergue is a place only pilgrims doing the Camino are allowed to stay. It will have beds, a shower and toilet, usually a place to do your laundry and sometimes a kitchen. Some Albergues have double or single rooms and all will have one or more dorm rooms. Albergues differ in quality and cost. Some ask  only for a donation while others charge 5 to 12 Euros for a bed. We have paid between 20-60 Euros for a double room, sometimes with ensuite. 

Most places have a municipal Albergue which will be the lowest cost and often the most basic. 

When doing the Camino you don’t have to stay in Albergues, you can stay wherever you like. Hotels, hostels, pensiones (B&Bs) etc. will also stamp your passport as will bars.

We have stayed in a variety of accomodation. It has been particularly busy with Albergues filling up while we have been walking (Sept 2016).

Roncenvalles Albergue

Hospedería Cisterciense – Santo Domingo

Albergue Cuatro Cantones – Belorado

San Zoilo Monasterio – Carrión

Albergue Via Trajana – Calzadilla de los Hermanillos

We’ve used to get hotels in the cities as the Albergues have been full, sometimes booked out the day before!

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