Day Twenty Five

Night fades from infinity
Day hides the reality
Stars ever present but unseen

– Kindergood

Santibañez to Santa Catalina de Samoza

We had a terrible night’s sleep in the dorm due to a night long farting contest. This lead to a very early start and one of the most special mornings walking.

The path was wide and smooth so we could walk hand in hand by the moonlight, admiring the stars. Unlike in the dorm there was no wind and the air was fresh. The sky was crystal clear and the moon was mesmerising. Contented in each other’s company we walked and watched shooting stars streak across the night sky. There are some moments in life when the awareness of life flowing through you is particularly keen, this was one of them.

We sat at a large stone cross overlooking Astorga and watched the city lights twinkle in the pre-dawn air. Following the hill down we watched the sun rise and nature awake.


After breakfast we looked around Astorga and then left to continue on the way.

The heat of the day and charm of Santa Catalina beckoned us to call it a day. 

Moved by the stories of our fellow travellers we whiled away the afternoon. 

Today was like a parting gift from the spirit of the Meseta. Tomorrow we climb a mountain.

21 km under our ever tightening belts.

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