Day Twenty Seven

Foncebadón to Molinaseca

Stepping out of the Albergue in the dark I watched the clouds racing through the village, caught by the light of the lampposts. I pulled my rain jacket out of my pack and started the ascent to the Cruz de Ferro (1500m).

The Cruz de Ferro is a milestone on the Camino. Near the highest point and also symbolically. After sunrise we headed down the mountain which had uplifting views and a steep and treacherous decent.


The dew or mist from the morning clouds covered the cobwebs strung between the heather and gorse and as we passed them a rainbow flash of colour would catch our eye.

After breakfast at El Acebo and thinking the steepest section was behind us the path became particularly terrible. 

We reached Molinaseca around 2pm, it was hot and we had descended 700m over 20km. It was tough walking the steep decline on shale. We were concerned for Harry, an 82 year old fellow Australian we had met a few days earlier, so after dropping our packs off we headed back up the mountain to check on him. We found him a couple of km’s from the village. He was wobbly on his legs and being helped by an elderly  Norwegian man. I took his pack and we slowly made our way down again, keeping a close eye on Harry and the steep drops next to the narrow path. 

Harry was looking better in the evening after some rest. Grateful for the help he bought us both dinner. 

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