Day Twenty Nine

Beauty opens the door
Gratitute lights the flame
Pachamama smiles

– Kindergood

Cacabelos to Ruitelan

Villafranca del Bierzo was the breakfast destination. Walking through vineyards across rolling hills as the sun rose was special time. A robin sang its morning greeting while looking us in the eye.

Villafranca appeared over a rise and we spent some time looking around and then headed for the hills. 

The route split and we took the scenic way and were well rewarded. It was a steep climb and then the path snaked along the top of the hills for 11 km. Grasshoppers jumped like popcorn in front of us as we walked with flashes of blue underwing. We took a break in the shade of a chestnut tree and then came across a village with one Albergue where we had a salad made entirely from the village garden. It tasted like it should. 

A steep descent brought us to Trabadelo where we caught up with Petra who was staying the night there. Fi was hungry for km’s so we carried on alongside the road for 9 more. It made a long day but we are now at the foot of the mountain, ready for the ascent tomorrow.

We walked almost 33km today. We checked into Albergue Pequeno Potala for a tasty vegetarian meal and listened to the cow bells in the fields.

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