Day Thirty Two

Synchronicity reflects perfection
Interconnectedness revealed
The choice is ours

– Kindergood

Sarria to Portomarín

Walking by torchlight out of Sarria  the sound of a donkey braying carried across the hills. We passed a pilgrim sleeping in a field with his donkey standing next to him. I wondered how he feeds his donkey each day.

I felt relieved to get out of the city and back into nature.

The stone path lead through a forest so we could witness the sunrise through the trees.

While enjoying breakfast we met some different four legged pilgrims walking the Camino, even if it was just to the nearby field.

The way took us up and down hills, through fields, forests and farms.

There have been more “donativo” tables since Sarria – where locals put out local produce, food and drinks for passing pilgrims with a box for donations. They are not usually manned but this one was and by a lovely little older lady who chatted away to us in Spannish.

We passed the 100 km mark to Santiago. It doesn’t seem very far now.

At noon we had been on the way for six hours already and were feeling hungry. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we came across a vegetarian oasis! We ate a lot and enjoyed.


With just a few km’s to Portomarín we walked off lunch and crossed the dizzyingly high bridge and climbed the steps through the city gate.

Today we walked over 25km through beautiful countryside. 

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