Day Thirty Six

The first gong sounds
Gently awareness moves
I survey the beautiful garden of the heart

– Kindergood

O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela

With a sense of anticipation and wondering what the day would bring we set off after some breakfast.

The sound of traffic accompanied us as we walked through woodland with the smell of eucalyptus occasionally in the air.

After a couple of hours walking I felt one or two rain drops on my head. I had checked the weather forecast before we set off so was confident it was nothing. Five minutes later we were putting our rain coats on and covering our packs! A steady drizzle came down from the now overcast and grey sky as we walked past the airport and hit the streets of Santiago.

The mood of the people in the city seemed as grim as the weather. It seems the closer people live together physically, the further apart their spirit becomes from one another.

Fighting our way through herds of umbrellas, tour groups and past professional beggars we made our way to the cathedral and the end of the Camino de Santiago. 

For me it is not the end, that will come at Finisterra, 90km from here where the land meets the ocean, “the temple beautiful” which I consider the spiritual end of the walk.

We met Chuck as we were cathedral gazing. It was nice to congratulate him. Then we went to the pilgrim office and I presented my pilgrims passport to a very friendly lady who shook my hand and congratulated me. She filled out my Compostela and shook my hand again. I felt a warm sense of achievement although I knew there was a few more days walking ahead.


Another friendly face greeted and congratulated us as we checked into our hotel. The receptionist had done the Camino in 2010 and he had a knowing look in his eye.

Showered and changed we went for an excellent vegetarian meal just around the corner at Malik Bistro. A short time later the sun began to shine.

The talisman I received in the Meseta disappeared today. It must have done its job.

We had dinner with friends and shared stories of the Camino.

We walked over 20km in 4 1/2 hours today. Tomorrow we rest and then we continue to the end of the earth.

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1 Response to Day Thirty Six

  1. wildfiles8 says:

    Fi and Mark… I can’t believe you have made the end of this journey (almost)! Your achievement is incredible. And your reflections on it have been beautiful, giving me pause each day as I share them with you. Thank you so much for giving us all a bit of insight into your world these last weeks. I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be feeling right now. Are you wanting to start all over again? Rest up in a luxurious hotel? Lie down and sleep for a month? Meanwhile in Picton, the sun shines, the cats play, the internet has given up the will to live and work is a monster. Your reflections have made me just take a few moments to breathe. Thank you! Walk softly, go lightly. See you soon and much love to you both.


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