Day Forty Two

The river flows into the ocean
Returning to its source
Transitioning form to begin again

– Kindergood

Cee to Finisterre

A beautiful blue sky morning greeted us as we climbed hills and made our way to Finisterre.

The peninsula with the Finisterre lighthouse on the tip grew closer. 

Soon we were taking our boots off and walking on the sand. When the ocean touched my feet I had the feeling I had completed my journey. It was a deep sense of happiness.

Fi looked back at the hills we had crossed and thought about the mountains and plains the way had taken us over and all of the beautiful souls we had met on this journey.

The view from our hotel room

We headed into town to eat. Fi ordered some bubbly to celebrate and while gazing at the bubbles in my glass a sense of achievement touched me. These are the moments that stay with me.

After a divine vegetarian meal we walked the last 3.6km to the lighthouse at the end of the peninsula and rested on the 0.0km marker at the official end of the Camino.

On the rocks past the lighthouse we gazed out to sea from the end of the earth. This journey had come to an end. 

We came back to the lighthouse to watch the sun go down on what has been a beautiful day, a wonderful journey and shared experience I’m sure we will fondly recall in the years ahead.


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3 Responses to Day Forty Two

  1. Michelle says:

    Woohoo!! Congratulations to you both – those feet look a little worse for wear but your spirits seem to be soaring.


  2. Ellen Shipley says:

    Congratulations to you both! How amazing you are!


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