My top pieces of kit

After more than 42 days living out of a pack, these are the pieces of kit that I grew to love on the Camino. I’ve put them in a rough reverse order, saving the best until last!

  • Portable battery. For charging convenience, even on the go. I used a Lepow Poki!
  • The strap on my sunglasses. I always knew my sunnies were around my neck when I needed them. I didn’t lose them or sit on them.
  • Head torch. For lighting up the most delightful early morning starts. It had a wide beam so Fi an I could share it in the pre-dawn darkness.
  • Big pockets with velcro tops on my shorts. I didn’t need to use a money belt and my kindle was always handy.
  • Spanish SIM. Having mobile data was really useful. From Google maps, so I knew which way to go when the yellow arrows disappeared, to uploading pictures to this blog when the wifi was terrible.
  • iPhone with Olloclip lenses for photos as well as useful apps like Camino Assist, Happy Cow, Google maps,, WordPress, iMovie, AccuWeather and Google Translate.
  • Scrubber bag. I washed our clothes each day, it was convenient and easy. I loved it!
  • Injinji socks and micropore. Blisters didn’t stand a chance with this combo, until I needed…
  • Blister prevention patches. We walked through a heat wave which made my already swollen feet even wider! My little toe started rubbing on my boots and the blister patches I put inside my boots saved my feet.
  • The dry sacks I used to separate and pack clothes, warm weather clothes, wet weather clothes, sleeping bag & sleep sheet, shoes, electrical stuff, pills and micropore. They made stuff easy to find and easy to pack. I knew even if my pack got wet that what was inside would be dry.
  • Walking poles. It was the first time we used walking poles and they became our best friends. Highly recommended.
  • My belt. I lost 4kg during the walk and dropped 2 sizes around the waist. Without my belt it would just be embarrassing!
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