Things we posted home, threw out or never used

Fi thought I was carrying too much. I didn’t think so and hardly noticed once my pack was on my back but to show solidarity with Fi’s efforts to down size our packs I came up with a few items to post home.

We were in the middle of a heat wave and I had transferred the valuables from my money belt into various pockets in my shorts, so I put my money belt in the “send home” pile and thought one item isn’t much of a pile. Fi added her document wallet, as I already had one, paw paw ointment and some clothes. I put in my large dry bag as everything was in it’s own little dry bag anyway.

I thought I had packed quite well because I would use everything that was left in my pack, but by the end of the trip I found there were a few items I had overlooked…

My iPhone and Kindle waterproof cases, although psychologically comforting, turned out to be quite useless. The problem is you don’t put the devices in them all of the time, only when it starts to rain. The iPhone waterproof case was too tight a fit to be able to do this quickly so ziplock bags would do a better job.

The other thing I never used, thank goodness, was my emergency bog roll. But again this is a psychologically comforting thing to have handy and it didn’t weigh much so I would carry it again!


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