Things I’m glad I packed

Apart from a few things mentioned here I used everything I carried in my pack. I’ve already noted some of my favourite pieces of kit but there are some other essential items I’d like to highlight.

Deodorant crystal


This salt crystal, with a little water run over it and then liberally rubbed in one’s armpits will stop any odour in it’s tracks. I didn’t just carry this for my own personal hygiene, I carried it for the benefit of my wife and for all of my fellow travellers that I came in contact with.
Sometimes you don’t realise how much you sweat during a hot day of walking. For anyone doing the Camino, please, take deodorant. You may be used to your own smell and not notice it but that doesn’t mean others are. Trust me, it’s a key social responsibility for successful communal living.
I used a salt crystal on the Camino because I knew it wouldn’t run out, it works all day, is odourless and natural.  I did wear it down to about half it’s original size before I left for the Camino and that took about six months of use.
The only problem with salt crystal deodorant is that you have to be careful not to drop it because it will shatter. If you do drop it, only use the smooth side otherwise it will scratch your armpit and nobody wants scratched armpits.


I dropped it on day 39

Hat and Beanie

Depending on the weather I used my hat or my beanie everyday. Don’t leave home without them!

Water proof socks

We were quite lucky with the weather and so although I only wore them a few times I’m glad I had waterproof socks.
I love my boots and they did a great job but they were pretty worn out by the end of the trip. With waterproof socks and the daily weather forecast you can make sure your feet are protected from the rain.

The stitching on the inside panel wore out where the boot creased with each step



If you love to play and are thinking of taking a musical instrument then my advice is to definitely take it.
Don’t worry about the weight* because your love of your instrument will carry it for you.

*Piano excepted 🙂

Last, but not least…

My Best Friend

It’s not something I packed but the best thing for me was doing the Camino with my wife.

It is a deeply personal experience walking the Camino and we both had different experiences during the journey but we shared them.

Now we are integrating the experience into our lives and gaining understanding of how it has changed us.

I consider myself lucky that I can look back and talk about my insights with someone who understands and has shared my Camino.


I also have a new appreciation for the value of Camino groups that spring up around the world that bring pilgrims of the Camino together.




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