A list of vegetarian places to eat on the Camino

I’ve put together a list of vegetarian places to eat on the Camino Frances from St Jean Pied De Port to Finisterre. These are restaurants and albergues where you can get a vegetarian meal. This is a list I would have found useful to have on the Camino!

I’ve estimated the distance between each place so you can plan how often you will need to cook for yourself, depending on how far you walk each day.

Since this list was created in 2016 a lot more restaurants and Albergues are catering for vegetarians and vegans. It’s getting easier! 😉

In pdf – akinderwaynov2019.pdf

In Excel – akinderwaynov2019.xlsx

If you know of any places I’ve missed then please let me know in the comments and I can add them.

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5 Responses to A list of vegetarian places to eat on the Camino

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  2. Majella o Connor says:

    Please add suseia albergue in zubiri. I stayed there 2 nights ago and dinner was one of the best I have ever eaten. A feast. She will also make a vegan or glutenfree meals. The modest host whose name I have forgotten was a lovely gentle presence offering fresh lemonade on arrival and many options for breakfast including gluten free. By far the best Auberge so far.
    Majella ireland


  3. Eugene Erickson says:

    Two more albergues where my wife and I stayed in 2017 that served vegetarian dinners are El Pajar in Ages and Liberanos Domine in Rabe de los Calzadas. Thank you for compiling this list.


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