Get ready – here and now

The warm welcome we have received in Commana in the Armorique national park has been heart felt.

Thanks Paul for putting us up, Mers for feeding us with delicious vegan dishes, and Penny, Franky, Ben, Dave, Andrew, Sarah, Mary, Digger, Bobby, Garret, Brandon for the great company!

We set off from Pointe du Raz tomorrow!

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5 Responses to Get ready – here and now

  1. Penelope Down says:

    Wow Mark, what a fabulous video. It made me quite emotional to view it and feel a part of the lovely Johnson family. We will be following your journey and thinking of you both each day.


  2. Frank Down says:

    What a great video, we are blessed to be included in your family’s events and this one was very special. I’m so looking forward to following your blog and I hope you and Fi have a wonderful time creating memories during this, your latest adventure. May love and blessings be with you all the way. ❤️


  3. iamguenter says:

    when I ever be near that restaurant, I have to visit it 🙂


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