The French Chapter – Day 4 – Quimper, zero day

Today is a rest day, a good job too. When I got up this morning I could hardly put my right foot on the ground because of inflamed tendons around my heel.

Jean-Pierre kindly got me some arnica and by resting up I was able to walk again with the dogs by the evening.

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4 Responses to The French Chapter – Day 4 – Quimper, zero day

  1. Peta Einberg says:

    PETA SAYS….Really enjoying the footage, and the music. The silence when you stopped on the bench for tea was PERFECT.

    BANJO SAYS…. you’re a wimp and a traitor.

    (this information was supplied from someone sitting on a couch and a dog who is confused he hasn’t seen you for at least 4 weeks and therefore seems to need EXTRA TREATS to feed his depression). ….


  2. Ben says:

    Really enjoying, and am impressed by, your daily videos. Walking a full day while filming and then editing an exert to publish – must make for a full day!
    Hope your heel is better and you can carry on tomorrow. Best of luck.


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