The French Chapter – Day 31 – La Barre to Saint-Michel-le-Cloucq

We left La Barre before sunrise with a picnic breakfast from Mme Blanche. We walked 23 km on roads and 7km in forest today.

My feet feel the difference, especially in the afternoon.

It was a hot day and we were welcomed to our AirBnB accomodation by a couple of bottles of gratefully accepted cold water and some delicious local wine.

We have been walking for a month now! Today we walked 30km bringing the total distance covered so far to 657km (according to our Strava app). We passed a 1400km to Santiago de Compostelle sign today which would make it 513km from the milestone in Pont Croix on day 2. Anyone who has walked the Camino Frances knows the official distance sucks! (You always walk more than they say you have)

Our AirBnB hosts, Dominique and Sabine, cooked us a lovely vegetarian meal with wine and local pear liquor. As it’s Bastille Day (national holiday) and there are no shops in the village we were very grateful. The accomodation is great (€53).

Dominique is an artist and did a unique hand drawn ‘stamp’ in our pilgrim credential (pilgrim passport). I took an instant liking to both Dominique and Sabine and recognised the free spirits in them.

No shops for two days now!

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