The French Chapter – Days 36 & 37 – Rest days

We went back to the bicycle shop in La Rochelle and selected the paneers etc. and got them fitted to the bikes. Thanks Rowan for your advice on bike touring!

When everything was ready we picked them up and emptied the contents of our rucksacks into the paneers and bungee roped the packs to the bike rack.

My good friend Clive lives near by so we’re staying with him and his lovely family for a rest day and planning our route south.

There is a heat wave forecast in the Bordeaux area from Monday to Thursday this coming week so we are thinking to travel along the coast to get the benefits of a sea breeze.

And now we have bicycles I have managed to get new tips for my walking poles! I had worn the old ones down a fair way.

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2 Responses to The French Chapter – Days 36 & 37 – Rest days

  1. Clive Allen says:

    Eye watering stuff and there are no words to explain seeing you both….a memory, feelings that shall not be forgotten and those ‘forces’ will have all back together again soon I am sure.
    Bonne Route! And lots of love from,
    Clive, Aude, Leelou, Mia and Olly, the dog!


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