The French Chapter – Days 40 – Ronce-les-Bains to Royani

Before we left Ronce-les-Bains I checked Fi’s bike and found the front brake rubbing against the rim. A spring had popped out of its clip. This would explain Fi’s sore legs from yesterday’s ride! I did my best to get the wheel spinning freely and we headed for Royan about 40km away.

The forecast was for 40 degrees C by the afternoon so we were keen to get there ASAP.

The ride was quite beautiful through forest. We even saw a wild boar.

We stopped for a break in La Palmyre and had Fi’s bike checked by the bike shop there.

Some of the section from La Palmyre to Royan was right along the coast with a headwind and no shade, some was in forest. Once we got to Saint-Palais-sur-Mer it was built up and we were on pavement, roads or cycle paths. This was for the last 10km.

We got to the hotel and checked in with air conditioned relief as the temperature was already climbing to the mid 30’s. We cycled 44km today.

The hotel is opposite the ferry port. It’s €160 for the air conditioned room and worth it to escape the heat.

Tomorrow we’ll catch the ferry to Le Verdon-sur-Mer and continue south.

For lunch we had an Indian – Palak Paneer, vegetable curry, salad and naan.

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