The French Chapter – Day 48 – Sorde-l’Abbaye to Saint-Palais

We left Sorde-l’Abbaye without knowing our destination for the day. All our attempts at booking two beds for the night had met with failure – we couldn’t understand how everywhere for 35km was full when we had only seen two other pilgrims walking the route.

Clive has previously offered to help us out if we were in a bind so we took him up on his kind offer. He found out there was the biggest medieval festival of the year happening this week and that’s why all beds are booked, he also got us a bed in Saint-Palais so we had somewhere to aim for (even though it was quite far away). If Mary and Joseph had Clive’s help the Christmas nativity scene would look very different because Clive would have got them a room. Thanks mate!

It was beautiful scenery with the mountains in the distance and the way was quite varied. Our feet were suffering in the latter part of the walk after yesterday’s marathon! We actually covered two stages in one day today and walked 36km.

The accomodation is great – a refuge only for pilgrims with a shared shower and toilets but we got our own room. Breakfast included at €9! They even have a washing machine!

Our feet ache now so we’ll take a day off tomorrow so they can recover.

Oh yes, we are virtually out of Vegemite! Our tube only lasted 1400km!

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2 Responses to The French Chapter – Day 48 – Sorde-l’Abbaye to Saint-Palais

  1. Clive says:

    Well done to you both, one long day. Enjoy a the day off….


  2. iamguenter says:

    again a big distance … wow … and only because of there are no beds
    … it’s nice to have friends who can help you.
    Clive: good job

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