The French Chapter – Day 50 – Saint-Palais to Saint-Jean-Le-Vieux

We left Saint-Palais early because we have a big day ahead with our destination about 33km away. Again two stages in one day because we couldn’t get a bed.

We soon realised why the stage to Ostabat-Asme is only 11km – there are some big hills in between! We went past a great sculpture with a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains and then walked across that view. The mountain scenery was stunning. We stopped for refreshments in Ostabat-Asme and had a picnic lunch on the way. We came across the Pause Cafe which was a self serve coffee and cake place that was by donation – a welcome site. We also saw a by donation little table in a village we passed through with mint-water and tea. These are the first ones we have seen in France, they are more common in Spain.

The last 10km was on road so was hard on the feet but we made it to our hotel and only have 3 or 4 km to go tomorrow. We are both super excited to get to SJPDP and meet up with my sister Julia and her friend Sue on Sunday. They will be joining us for two weeks and we’re really looking forward to it. Today we walked 33km.

The hotel is good (€125) and had a vegetarian option on the menu (we asked for no eggs)

Tomorrow brings the end of the French Chapter. We’ll have a few days rest and then start the Spanish Chapter so stay tuned – the adventure continues!

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