Places to add to the list of vegetarian places to eat – 2019i


SCQ Cafe, Santiago is permanently closed – thanks LNsLife for reporting this


La Gourmande

Le Bourg Rue Alhastia, Ispoure, France, 64220

10 minutes walk from the old town

Los Arcos

Panaderia on the main street into town. Vegan pizza and various biscuits.


Next to the church – Bocateria. Vegan burgers not on the menu but tell them you’re vegan and they will offer them. They know what a vegan is!


You can get veggie first courses as a main at Bar El Descanso Del Peregrino on the way into town.

Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Wanderlust, Calle Mayor 68. On the Main Street as you walk in, past the churches.

Fantastic food – vegan or vegetarian


Pension Waslala will do a vegetarian meal if you are staying with them (minimum 3 guests at the table)


Albergue San Rafael is no longer open.


From Happy Cow:

La Figa Ta Tia. Vegan friendly. Calle Llana de Adentro, 5.

En Tiempos de Maricastaña, Paseo Espolón, 10. Vegan options.

Bar Hola Fora. Calle Huerto del Rey, 4. Vegan options.

Bar San Francisco 7, Calle San Francisco, 7. Vegetarian restaurant and bar. Vegan dish of the day.

Restaurante Indio Taj Mahal, Av. del Cid Campeador, 81. Vegetarian and vegan options.

Hornillos del Camino

La Casa del Abuelo only has a veggie burger (no beans/tofu, made from vegetables). Not on the menu, ask for it.

Mansilla de las Mulas

Delicias Del Camino

Veggie options on the menu


Happy Cow:

Kadabra – vegan options. Good veggie burger

Calle Regidores, 5, Leon, Spain, 24003

El Colibrin

Vegan options. Fernando González Regueral, 2 (at Barrio Romántico), Leon, Spain, 24003


Vegetarian restaurant. Calle Sacramento 8, Leon, Spain, 24004

La Factorial Vegana

Vegan restaurant. C Fernando IIII el Santo 5, Leon, Spain

Villar de Mazarife

Albergue Tio Pepe has vegetarian options on the menu


Restaurante Serrano has vegetarian options on the menu.

Rabanal Del Camino

El Refugio Hosteria has a great vegan pilgrims menu.

El Acebo

Meson El Acebo has vegetarian options on the pilgrims menu.

La Rosa del Agua does a feta and spinach crepe ( morning only )


I saw this sign while walking through

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