The Spanish Chapter – Day 7 – Los Arcos to Viana

It was raining as we left to cross the hills from Los Arcos. The long straight path out lead to Sansol and Torres del Rio and clearer skys. The hills rolled out to reveal Logroño in the distance but we stopped at Viana for the day.

We walked 20km today.

The hotel Palacio Pujadas is a treat (€60 for a double room)

There are a lot of restaurants nearby and “Nagual” Tapas bar had a lot of vegetarian options. I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures, except for the Celtic design on the bar.

We saw Jose and Carmen who will be going home after Logroño tomorrow so we said our goodbyes. Connections form quickly on the Camino.

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5 Responses to The Spanish Chapter – Day 7 – Los Arcos to Viana

  1. iamguenter says:

    I remember all the parts I see on your videos and I feel shifted back to 2016 … I am in camino mood


  2. margaret.mb says:

    I love watching your videos as I enjoy a cuppa morning tea. Such a beautiful song. Who is the artist?


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