The Spanish Chapter – Day 45 – Corcubión to Finisterre

It was foggy. We climbed up out of Corcubión in the fog and an endless supply from the sea drifted by us all morning. It gave a mystical feeling to the countryside. We descended to the long beach at Finisterre, took off our boots and walked along the sand. The waves lapped at our feet and brought closure to our long journey. Cloaked in fog we went into the sea and felt our feet leave the earth that has supported us for over 2300 km. It was a bracing swim but the sea was calm and clear. It just disappeared into the mist and it was like only Fi and I existed.

After a feast and a celebration drink at restaurant La Frontera we walked to the lighthouse and the 0km milestone to officially finish our journey but in our heart we knew the swim in the ocean was the end. We have walked the ends of the earth and the whole time, inside, we have been walking to ourselves. It has been a beautiful journey.

We are staying at Hotel SempreFisterra which is nice but checkin isn’t until 4pm!

We ate dinner at etel & pan just diwn the street from where we are staying. A very nice veggie burger with artesian beer.

Elevation for today’s walk

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6 Responses to The Spanish Chapter – Day 45 – Corcubión to Finisterre

  1. iamguenter says:

    Congratulations, you made it and earn my great respect.
    Thank you for letting me follow you Fi and Mark and for giving me so many beautiful moments, memories and desires.

    Hope we meet again, sometime, somewhere, somehow

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  2. Congratulations Mark & Fi on your epic 2300km Camino journey…. beyond words! Love & hugs to you both, Carlene xoxo

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  3. margaret.mb says:

    Congrats Mark & Fi, such a beautiful journey, thank you so much for sharing it. You have inspired me beyond words 🙏 I look forward to the sequel 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. RJB says:

    You two are so impressive! Well done.
    Question: When are you back home? Are you able to come and and visit us at the Blue Mountains meetup this weekend?


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